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September To-Do List

Happy September! 🌼 Fall is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to use this limbo month to get ahead of the inevitable. Here's your September To-Do List:


Declutter Fall and Halloween decor. If you haven't used it or it's in bad shape, it's time to donate or toss.

Get Rid Of

Get rid of unworn summer clothing. While it's fresh in your mind, donate any summer clothing or accessories you didn't wear this season.


Review Fall / Winter wardrobe. This goes for your wardrobe and your kids' wardrobes! If clothes are the wrong size or no longer your style, it's time to donate. Make a list of any items needed and shop now to get ahead of the cooler temps.

Clean Out

Clean out the junk drawer. Toss any trash, find a home for items better suited in a different area and contain loose items.

Clear Out

Clear out the guest room closet. Get ahead of the holidays and start clearing out the guest room and closet before traveling begins.

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