The Team

We provide a one stop shop to manage your move, your home organizing and life projects. Our solutions are curated using systems and processes we’ve refined over our years in the industry and we take pride in the professional way we execute our services.  Whether you hire us to organize or style your home or to help manage your move, you can count on Its Arranged to bring new clarity to your space and peace of mind to your schedule.

| Partners at ITS ARRANGED |

Amy Delaplain & Cynthia Lindsey

Amy and Cynthia launched Its ARRANGED in 2020 after joining their two successful companies combining 35 years experience in professional organizing, move management, and project management.


We believe in living life to the fullest and inspiring others to do the same. Our clients are our focus, and improving the quality of their lives through organization and easily maintainable systems is our mission. In the office or in the home, our commitment is to create spaces where our clients can thrive and manage transitions and projects. We combine strong project management skills, top talent, years of experience, and a love of organizing and transforming any space or move with ease. At the heart of it all, we do what we do to provide our clients freedom, clarity, balance, and a sense of control and time. We invite you to meet our team.

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| Project Manager |

Micah Douthit

Micah graduated from Vanderbilt University and has lived in and loved Nashville ever since. She truly began her organizing career shortly after her twins were born. She went from a working mom with one boy to a stay at home mom with three boys under the age of 3. The only way to meet all of their needs was to create routines for every part of their life (laundry, meals, nap time.) Micah and her husband now have five children, and the routines are still a critical part of their day. She loves the peace they give her. Micah loves not feeling trapped by dirty clothes and paper everywhere. Its ARRANGED has allowed her the opportunity to grow this love to a completely new level. She now gets to work with all kinds of people and all kinds of homes, and it is a joy to help people find peace in their spaces.

| Office Administrator |

Pam Dockins

Pam recently moved to Tennessee and is enjoying getting to know the area and making new friends.  Working for Its Arranged is Pam’s first experience in the Professional Organizing industry.  As the Office Administrator, Pam is more involved with organizing information than organizing spaces, but is excited to learn more about professional organizing and applying organizing tips and techniques in her life.  In her spare time, Pam enjoys playing trivia, traveling, and spending time with her family.

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| Organizer |

Laurel Latham

As a child, Laurel looked forward to Saturdays, when she could re-organize everything in her bedroom. In her 20s, she was an Office Manager for a boutique investment banking firm in Manhattan. Achievements included creating and implementing a filing system, organizing the entire office (including a very scary supply closet) as well as coordinating and executing a move from one side of the city to the other, all without breaking a sweat. Now, a couple decades later, she feels completely at home in her work with Its ARRANGED, as she works alongside a team of like-minded folks who are passionate about bringing order, efficiency and simple beauty to their clients' homes. In her spare time, Laurel enjoys reading, playing the cello, pretending she has a green thumb and spending time with her husband and daughter at their home in East Nashville.

| Organizer |

Erin Anderson

Erin joined the team with an extensive background in product management, sales, and leadership. She chose to change career paths to follow her passion for helping others. She is an extremely detail oriented and resourceful person who jumps in to listen and understand what is needed to assist the client with decluttering, organizing, move management or whatever their goals may be. An organized, structured space not only allows life to run more smoothly in the home or office, but it also brings a sense of peace. Her favorite part of working at Its Arranged is the feeling she gets by making a difference in the clients lives and seeing the joy on their faces. Outside of work, Erin enjoys being outside, spending time with family and friends and watching their dog swim at the lake.

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| Organizer |

Amanda Pulley

Amanda was raised in Franklin, TN. When she was a kid she loved making “forts” in whatever grove tickled her fancy the most. She was never satisfied with just any old space, though— she had to neatly arrange all her beloved rocks, acorns and other found treasures on her tree bark shelves! What she loves most about an organized space is the peace of mind that comes with it. When you’re not surrounded by clutter and you know where to find everything, it frees you up to focus on the things that truly matter to you.


When Amanda is not busy beautifully file folding strangers’ pants, you might find her scouring Nashville estate sales (She loves vintage and owns a vintage clothing shop on Etsy), loving on her beloved Cockapoo, or focusing on whatever creative endeavor she’s most excited about at the moment.

| Organizer |

Bailee Turner

Bailee is a recent Lipscomb graduate with her BBA. She knew a typical office job wasn’t for her as she always loved organizing her room, packing and unpacking her dorm room every year, and minimizing everything every chance she gets. Its Arranged has helped Bailee grow that love even more while teaching her more than she thought was possible about the industry.


In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and 3 dogs, working a puzzle, reading a book, diamond painting, doing crafts, watching Family Feud, sitting on a porch swing, or just drinking sweet tea!