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Arranged Spaces

Our service offering, Arranged Spaces, provides design services and so much more. We are here to provide inspiration, share tips, trends, and guides, and help you curate your space, room by room until it feels like home. It’s about using what you have, finding what you need, and making a home right where you are.


It's time to elevate your space so you can refresh, reset and relax. You deserve it! We are excited you are here as you embark on your design journey. You will find curated collections by room, space, and specific topics. We are here for you and can't wait to help with the design of your home. 

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Trends and Tips

Trends, Tips, and Guides for the Home

The Layered Bed

Does your bed serve you? Make it a pleasure to make and a pleasure to mess up. Whether you're a minimalist or maximalist, a great way to enhance your bedroom routines is to incorporate the style of a layered bed. 

Layer 1: 4 Pillows, Sheet Set, Breathable Sleeping Blanket

Layer 2: Duvet Insert, Duvet Cover, Coverlet Blanket

Layer 3: 3 Accent Pillows and an Oversized Accent Blanket

Accents: Area Rug, Bench Storage, Large Deep Basket Storage 

The Light and The Dark: What’s your personality?

Moody Aesthetics:

Spaces darker in tone have been trending - Darker Tones, Rich texture, Cinematic, Drama. An immersive moody aesthetic gives drama and personality to a room.

Monochromatic (Minimalism Luxe):

A monochromatic color story and a minimal design is by now a classic trend. The great thing about this look is it has longevity in style.