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  • How do I get started?
    Contact Its Arranged through our website, email ( or phone (615.994.1771). Its Arranged will reply to your inquiry and/or call to discuss your organizing, moving or styling needs to get an initial understanding and to learn what you have going on. We start with an introductory call to get the basics and to schedule a virtual consultation. From there we will get your project scheduled or schedule a consultation to meet, review your space and discuss your project.
  • What is a consultation (consult)?
    A consult is an opportunity to meet in person or virtually to assess the dynamics, scope, timeline of your move organizing or design project and formulate a plan. Initial virtual consultations are 30 minutes in length and are free of charge. If the project is large in scope or if there are multiple phases or projects, then the consult may include an on-site visit with a consult fee. Its Arranged will ask additional questions to understand your goals and timeline for your move, organizing or design project. Typically we will walk through the home assessing density of belongings, potential storage spaces, lifestyle usage and style while formulating an action plan of how to move forward. On-site consultations are generally one hour to 90 minutes in length. Its Arranged may take pictures and measurements for future reference and planning. Prior to leaving we will share our process and recommendations for your project and look at dates to pencil in.
  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for the consult?
    It’s best to keep things true to reality (whatever that looks like for you at the current time). This allows Its Arranged to evaluate your project and create a realistic plan for you.
  • What happens after the consult?
    There are three simple steps: Customer approves the recommended plan via email, verbally or text that will include the project description, timeline, number of team members needed, and days needed to complete your project. Its Arranged creates a customer agreement and addendum for an e-signature. Once agreements are signed, Its Arranged will then send an invoice for deposit to hold your dates.
  • What if I don’t know where to start?
    That’s okay. Its Arranged will work with you to understand your goals and needs, then create a plan and review it with you to help get your move, organizing or design project started
  • Do I have to be home when Its Arranged is working on my project?
    When you are an active participant in the project, when decisions are needed, especially on the front end, the project generally will run smoother and the work is completed quicker. For organizing projects if you can be available 1 x per hour that is helpful but you do not need to be present all day and we have a way to work with busy customers that makes it easy. Otherwise, Its Arranged will do the work. We put items to the side if a decision needs to be made and will communicate via text for any quick or immediate decisions / questions. We may also provide homework and will provide recommendations. For moving we are masters at logistics and planning a transition so once we have all the particulars we can take it from there with minimal customer presence.
  • What should I budget for my project?
    All customers’ homes are unique – the space, the items in the space, the goals and objectives, lifestyle, members of the house, level of participation in the work, etc. Its Arranged will provide an estimate for your move, organizing or design project after our assessment and identify how best to serve you. We can scale the service fees up or down by adding or reducing resources. Services provided by third parties as well as organizing products and supplies are an additional cost to Its Arranged services.
  • What should I expect when Its Arranged shows up to work?
    The Its Arranged team will be in leisure wear to allow for ease of movement while working. The team checks in to review the plan for the day and comes prepared with a plan and gets to work. Depending on the schedule, the team may bring a lunch and take a 15 to 30 minute break.
  • Do I need to buy anything?
    Its Arranged provides basic supplies (sticky notes, markers, label maker, tape, garbage bags, etc.) for each project. If additional supplies (bins, baskets, shelves, etc.) or a large quantity of supplies are needed, this will be discussed prior to the project starting. Its Arranged is available to shop for supplies and materials. If third party services are needed, Its Arranged can also help coordinate and manage vendors.
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