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The Team

We provide a one-stop shop to manage your move, your home organizing, and life projects. Our solutions are curated using systems and processes we’ve refined over our years in the industry and we take pride in the professional way we execute our services.  Whether you hire us to organize or style your home or to help manage your move, you can count on Its Arranged to bring new clarity to your space and peace of mind to your schedule. We are your go-to home organizers in Nashville.

| Its Arranged Co-Founders |

Amy Delaplain & Cynthia Lindsey

Amy and Cynthia launched Its ARRANGED in 2020 after joining their two successful companies combining 35 years experience in professional organizing, move management, and project management.


We believe in living life to the fullest and inspiring others to do the same. Our clients are our focus, and improving the quality of their lives through organization and easily maintainable systems is our mission. In the office or in the home, our commitment is to create spaces where our clients can thrive and manage transitions and projects. We combine strong project management skills, top talent, years of experience, and a love of organizing and transforming any space or move with ease. At the heart of it all, we do what we do to provide our clients freedom, clarity, balance, and a sense of control and time. We invite you to meet our team.

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| Operations Manager + Organizer |

Lisa York

Lisa comes to us after founding and running her own Nashville-based organizing firm, puka, for over 17 years! She was the first of two Professional Organizers in Tennessee to qualify to sit for and pass the inaugural Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) exam; she was on the founding charter of the Nashville Chapter of NAPO, and was the first of two organizing companies in Nashville to become TCS’ Contained Home Representative.

Early 2021, Lisa began closing her organizing firm to help with in-home care for her beloved grandmother and terminally ill father, both in Kentucky, her birthplace. She utilized her organizing skills for scheduling family and caregivers, labeling anything that would help those involved, and organizing the homes and paperwork.

We are excited to have Lisa on board to serve our team and our clients especially as IA continues to thrive and grow. The Operations Manager role perfectly combines her ability to see the big picture, vast project management experience, her reputation and relationships with former clients, and boots-on-the-ground organizing expertise.

Lisa’s favorite categories and spaces to organize are makeup and garages. Oh, and office supplies. Some women shop for shoes; Lisa shops office supplies. You will quickly learn after being around her, even briefly, that her favorite color is periwinkle, she looooves the beach and is known for her wit. In her spare time, she puzzles with her hubby, sells on auction sites, likes to invent organizing products, and is obsessed with audiobooks!

| Project Manager + Organizer |

Micah Douthit

Micah graduated from Vanderbilt University and has lived in and loved Nashville ever since. She truly began her organizing career shortly after her twins were born. She went from a working mom with one boy to a stay at home mom with three boys under the age of 3. The only way to meet all of their needs was to create routines for every part of their life (laundry, meals, nap time.) Micah and her husband now have five children, and the routines are still a critical part of their day. She loves the peace they give her. Micah loves not feeling trapped by dirty clothes and paper everywhere. Its ARRANGED has allowed her the opportunity to grow this love to a completely new level. She now gets to work with all kinds of people and all kinds of homes, and it is a joy to help people find peace in their spaces.

| Office Administrator |

Kelsey Naguszewski

Kelsey was born and raised in Pennsylvania, but has called Nashville home for the last 17 years. She attended Belmont University where she received her Bachelor of Business Administration. Kelsey has spent the last decade nannying three wonderful kiddos who she considers her second family. During her time as a nanny, Kelsey saw a need in the nanny community and created a business geared towards her fellow nannies, which brought fun lifestyle apparel, stickers & gifts to life! Between her business background and love for helping people, that made her a great addition to the Its Arranged team. In her spare time, Kelsey enjoys traveling, going to concerts, and spending time with her family.

| Organizer |

Sarah Hardy

Sarah is a fun loving, hard working grandmother who loves to organize.  She has worked professionally within the organizing industry for over 4 years but has organized for family, friends and herself for many years prior to that. Sarah loves creating functional spaces that provide easier, more comfortable living. Prior to her organizing career, Sarah worked as a public school foodservice director in Mississippi for 25 years. Upon her retirement from that role, Sarah moved to Nashville to be near her family. She and her husband live in Green Hills and in Sarah’s spare time she loves to travel and spend time with her family, especially her grandchildren. 

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| Organizer |

Louise Grant

Louise has served as a professional home organizer for several years but also worked independently in the field of home-editing and design for more than a decade for friends and family. A career business executive for more than 25 years, Louise served in corporate leadership roles in the field of marketing and communications for publicly-traded and private companies in Nashville until 2015. Her careers have demanded that she be highly organized, efficient, creative, flexible and adept at working both independently and with teams. As a result,  Louise is very client-focused. A wife, mother of adult children, active community volunteer and professional artist, Louise grew up in Nashville, having earned her MBA at Belmont University.  She loves baking, creating art, fitness, travel and reading. And, of course, organizing!

| Organizer + Home Stylist |

Shelley Nance

Shelley is from Savannah, TN where re-arranging her house was a fun past-time. Between  grandparents and parents, she comes from a long line of neatness and label-makers. Growing up with ADD, she had to learn simple systems to be able to think clearly. That led to sharing with others the freedom she felt through eliminating clutter and learning there is “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Over the years, she has gifted many families and friends with a room  makeover and re-organization. Playing sports her whole life led her to Nashville to play college sports. This taught her about  hard work, discipline and the value of teamwork. She graduated from Lipscomb University and managed retail for years honing her visual merchandising skills. She then moved to Brentwood where her husband and her have lived for 30 years raising their 4 children. Being a Mom furthered her skills by allowing her to set up functional systems of organization for her family to lessen  chaos. Labeling baskets for laundry, legos, games and school items sure made for smoother days so they could enjoy life and have more time for things they loved like hiking, sports,  gardening, cooking and front porch sitting. 

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| Organizer |

Mallory Prewett

Mallory is from Auburn, AL and graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Communications. She has experience in events but loves to be creative and be the hands and feet in a workplace. She hrives off of chatting with people and helping them in any way possible. Cleaning and organizing marries the creative and serving aspects which led her to working for Its Arranged as a professional organizer. Her hobbies outside of work include: long outdoor walks, trying new restaurants in Nashville, playing games with friends, going to concerts, traveling to different cities, serving the community, and watching reality competition shows. And she loves her family and Jesus more than anything. Fun fact: Mallory has moved homes about 10 different times in the same city with her family. So she knows a thing or two on how to pack/unpack, declutter, and organize items.

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