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An Organized Surprise!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Have you ever wished you could walk away from a mess and have it magically clean and perfect when you come back? Well that’s exactly what our client did for his wife’s master closet! Our client called to ask if it was possible for us to work some major organizing magic while his wife was out of town so she could return to a space she loved! Not only were our organizers up for the challenge, we were immediately inspired to give the gift of organization to everyone! That’s why we have a VERY special way to kick off this holiday season- we’re offering the gift of organization with our “Surprise! You’re Organized!” gift promotion. This gift promotion includes 1-2 days of our team organizing any space your recipient chooses at a preferred pricing rate (closets and kitchens are big hits!), personalized solution and product selection, and more! Interested? Don’t be shy… head to the “Shop” page on our website to learn more, and if this gift is for you, be sure to send your family a not so subtle hint! Keep reading to find out exactly how our first surprise project turned out!


Our clients had the most beautiful custom closet you could imagine, but disorganization had gotten so over their heads that they stopped using it completely. Laundry lived in piles on the floor, shelves, and ottoman; and neither the husband or wife knew where to start the organization process. The husband knew how much his wife loved her clothes and thought her out of town trip was the perfect chance for us to finally make her closet dreams become a reality! 

1. The first order of business was identifying what wasn’t working in this closet:

  • No clear zones. No zones means the same categories of clothing and accessories were located in multiple spots. This makes it difficult to find items, put clothes away, and makes getting dressed stressful and inefficient. 

  • Filled floor space. Navigating this closet was difficult due to the lack of open floor space. When you can’t navigate your closet- maintenance becomes next to impossible.

  • No product. Product isn’t always necessary, but the deep shelving in this closet quickly became a dumping ground with no solutions in place.

2. Once we targeted the problems this closet presented, it was time to address each problem.

Next up the lengthiest part of the project: sorting and categorization! Take every item out and place it with its correct category. Once everything was removed during the categorization process we were able to see how much space this closet actually had to offer! And the floor-we could officially see the floor! Success!  While removing items from closets, we love to place categories on clothing racks or in piles on the bed or in bins so we have a blank slate when it comes time to place items back in the closet! This is also a great time to wipe down the closet and to declutter your items, but no editing took place in this project since the client was out of town! 

3. After categories are clearly identified, it’s time for zoning the closet.  

  • His: The husband’s side of the closet typically has fewer categories that are larger in size. The zones that worked best for this project were everyday wear, casual pants, suits and dress pants, light outerwear, heavy outerwear, accessories. 

  • Hers: Women typically have more categories that are each smaller in size. The zones we put in place for this project were blouses, pants, sweaters and outerwear, dresses, skirts, athletic tops, athletic bottoms, loungewear, and accessories. 

4. Product selection is up next!

This closet didn’t need much product, but the products we did choose made a BIG impact. We headed to The Container Store and chose Kiva Storage bins for this closet’s deep shelving, gold bin clip labels, matching velvet hangers, and jewelry stackers.


The hard work was done, and day two meant it was time for the finishing touches!

  • We switched all clothing items to matching velvet hangers. This is a great way to give your closet an upscale look on a budget. 

  • We placed all hanging clothes in color order.

  • We file folded all categories that were destined to live in storage bins. This allows you to see every item at a glance instead of digging through piles. 

  • We filled bins with their assigned categories, and added bin clip labels so everyone knew where their items were located! 

  • We transferred jewelry into jewelry stackers and arranged accessories in built-in cabinets to create an accessory station. 

  • We shifted the closet’s ottoman and laundry hampers to maximize floor space and closet accessibility. 

And that’s a wrap! We couldn’t be more pleased with how this surprise project turned out, and the client’s wife was SHOCKED at the transformation! Our client tells us that his wife actually enjoys time in her closet now instead of rushing out and keeping it behind closed doors. Do you want to gift someone with this same reaction? Our team of organizers wants to help! Head to the “Shop” page on our website to purchase your own “Surprise! You’re Organized!” gift package!

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