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April To-Do List

It's April! A new quarter, a new season, a new you. Prepare for this beautiful month with a fresh mindset.

Spring edit

Edit winter coats and shoes that you didn't wear. Time for the seasonal swap. And swap out those boots for spring sandals and sneakers.

Schedule HVAC

Schedule your HVAC tuneup. Beat the heat and make sure you are up and running before those temps heat up

Spring Cleaning

Take stock in your cleaning supplies. Look in all the places and pull items out from under the sink, laundry room, garage and utility closets. Edit old supplies, make note of any needs and organize what's left. Is your organizing game lacking? Lazy Susans and bins to keep like items together and accessible for the win! 


Organize one space. What is your most neglected space that could use your attention?

Front Entry

Step up your front entry game. Get a new doormat and plant spring pots. 

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