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April To-Do List

It's April! A new quarter, a new season, a new you. Prepare for this beautiful month with a fresh mindset.

Add Spring Flowers to Your Garden

Add some color to the outside of your home with spring flowers. Choose the ones that speak to your soul!

Purchase a New House Plant

Give the inside of your home life with a new house plant. Find a space that needs bright and lively energy.

Go Through Your Refrigerator

Time to toss old sauces and containers! Make way for fresh vegetables and fruits for the season.

Put Away Winter Clothes

The sun is coming out and the winter clothes are going away. Make space for spring!

Declutter Your Entryway

Your entryway is the first impression of the home. Declutter and organize it so that it brings you peace, instead of chaos. Click here for a few Amazon products to help along the way.

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