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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The 2020 holiday season is fast approaching; and after all the curveballs this year has thrown our way, we have never been more excited to spend time with loved ones. We’re betting your guest room hasn’t seen much love this year, so we’re here to talk about all things guest room organization and preparation!

Let’s be honest... has your guest room turned into a catch all of clutter and off season items? Maybe it’s home for all of those thrift store donations that didn’t exactly make it to the donation center. This is a problem we help clients with quite frequently, believe it or not!  We want to help you give your guests a relaxing clutter-free space. So how can you achieve an organized guest room that will make guests swoon? Here are a few of our top tips:

  1. Guest closets are a great place to store your off-season clothing, but be mindful to leave your guests at least one empty closet section for their clothing and luggage. When you switch out your clothing each season, take the time to edit your collection to a manageable amount that doesn’t overtake your guest closet. 

  2. Holiday Items- Transfer holiday items into plastic bins, and store in a garage or attic space instead. Remember to take inventory of which items you are truly using each year, and edit your holiday decor at the end of each season to cut down on extra clutter!

  3. Books, decor, and miscellaneous- lots of items can make their way to your guest room, and remain out of sight and out of mind. If these items have a proper home elsewhere-a bookshelf, linen closet, etc.- move them to their proper place. If these items are truly miscellaneous, take time to edit these items and determine if the guest room is truly the right storage fit. 

So you’ve successfully edited and organized your guest room- amazing work! Now for the cherry on top that will

make your house guest feel like they’ve received hotel-level hospitality. Here is a quick list of our favorite guest room finishing touches:

  1. Extra Linens- be sure to leave your guest extra towels and blankets. These help your guest feel cozy and comfortable.

  2. Luggage Rack- there is something extra welcoming about a luggage rack waiting for you as you walk into a guest room- even your suitcase has a special space for the duration of your stay! Great options are available on Amazon or at The Container Store.

  3. Fresh Flowers- flowers leave an extra touch of hominess to your guest room, and you can even send your guest home with the arrangement when they depart. We love fresh flowers from Trader Joe’s, or some simple blooms cut from our own backyards! 

  4. Wifi Code- wifi is a necessity these days whether for work or just scrolling social media. One of our all time favorite tips is to frame your wifi name and passcode, and display in your guest room so all visitors can easily access! Simply download a pretty font from online and cut to fit an empty frame you already own.

  5. Guest Basket- create a guest basket to make your guests feel extra taken care of. We suggest filling a serving tray or basket with travel sized-toiletries and medications, tissues, water bottles, and snacks so your guests have everything they need in arms reach without having to ask or search through your home!

These tips and a little motivation will go a long way in creating an organized guest room that you never have to stress over preparing again; but be careful… your guest may just never want to leave!

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