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Updated: May 31, 2022

Our team recently received the honor of being selected to be an in-home organizing partner with The Container Store- that’s right THE CONTAINER STORE! Our organizers have always been big fans of products from The Container Store for projects and personal use. The team at The Container Store recently educated us on the ELFA products they carry. Most of our team has ELFA in their own homes, and we have used the products on countless client projects; but we have a renewed love and lots of new ideas for them after learning even more about these systems from our new friends at The Container Store! Keep reading to see how you can use ELFA literally everywhere in your home.

One of the best parts about ELFA is how customizable the shelving and drawer systems are. Any space, any size, anywhere- we promise there’s an ELFA system for that. However, we were so excited to learn about all of the pre-packaged ELFA options The Container Store offers that we wanted to share them. The “grab and go” options, take the guesswork out of it- everything you need packaged in one easy box. In this month’s blog we share some of our favorite pre-packaged ELFA options and uses for each!

Many of us are still working from home these days, and the second we saw this we knew it would be an amazing addition to any home office. It can easily slide under a standard desk, and has file hooks as well as drawers to hold all of your desk accessories.


-An art cart with built-in storage on top. Devote a file for each grade/year of your

child’s life.

-An office on the go. If you don’t have a devoted office space-this is the product

for you. Simply roll this cart next to your dining room table, and you have an

office space!

-Extra office storage. If you already have a dedicated office space, this is a fantastic option for adding additional file storage without taking up a lot of space.

Our team has organized many gift wrap carts as they are so handy! No more

searching for tape or a card- all of your gift wrap supplies can finally live in one place.


-Gift Wrap Station. This is what the product was intended for, and it really does have everything you need. A compartment for wrapping paper, a rod for ribbon, and drawers for any other supplies you may have.

-Craft Station. This is a fantastic unit for any specialty craft or hobby supplies. We immediately thought of a past client who loved to make wreaths- this would be a fantastic unit for this.

This is arguably the most used ELFA organizing product on our projects. This over the door rack is a lifesaver for compact closets and tiny pantries, but it can also be attached to a wall too!

Uses (just to name a few examples, but there are many more):

-Spice Rack. Use this on the back of a pantry door for your spice and oil storage.

-Food Storage Rack. We recently used this on the back of a pantry door to store a client’s foils, storage bags, paper products, and food wraps. It was a hit!

-Snack Station. Use this rack in your pantry to store grab and go snacks for your kiddos.

-Coffee and Drink Station: Use this rack in your pantry to store coffee pods, filters, tea, to go cups and more.

-Cleaning station. Mount this rack on a pantry or laundry room door and use it to store cleaning products and tools!

-Accessory station. Tiny closet? No problem. Use this door rack to store your accessories like hats, scarves, clutches, and even flip flops so you can use your prime real estate for your clothing.

These drawers are an ELFA staple, and can be used virtually anywhere in your home.

They are the gateway ELFA product, because once you try these drawer- we promise you

will want ELFA everything!


-Clothing storage. Place these drawers in your closet to add storage for things like denim, sweaters, or undergarments.

-Bathroom storage. These drawers are great to tuck into a bathroom or linen closet to store all your bathroom goodies like skincare, bath accessories, backstock medication, etc.

-Pet care station. Are your pet care items scattered in multiple places around your home Use these drawers to keep everything in one spot. Devote each drawer to its own category: treats, medication, grooming, toys, food, etc.

These are some of our favorite ideas and commonly used options, but you can do so much more with ELFA. These pre-packaged options make it easy for anyone to organize on their own, but ELFA is completely customizable as well. You can easily transform a pantry, closet, laundry room, or multi-purpose room with ELFA and expand and adjust it based on your needs for years to come. Are you curious about ELFA now? Let our team help customize and organize your space for you! We know you will love these products just as much as we do.

*Elfa is exclusively found and sold by The Container Store. All product photos are courtesy of The Container Store.

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