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“Oh, well, I guess it can go in the office.” A home office definitely is at the forefront of many homes. Our lifestyles changed dramatically in recent years, and so must our spaces.

An office is often a space that can be a catch-all for us-- fitness, memorabilia, gift wrapping, and maybe some pieces you've upcycled from other rooms. An office is a room that can serve many purposes without abandoning its primary intention. A good home office fosters focus, inspires the mind, and delivers storage needs. Create an office space that inspires your best thoughts.

Ideally, a room should serve one or two purposes. The energy of a room can be offset if there is too much going on. Offices, and other multipurpose rooms, often become storage, workout, and work spaces. Well, not anymore.

Now, many are working from home and expected to do their best. Creating an intentional, well-designed office space will aid in your performance. Make it a space you enjoy being in just as you would a living room or a bedroom. Give your Zoom-call backdrop some personality with wallpaper or an accent color. Create a break corner for you to get away from your desk and recharge. Update your furnishings, so it hosts everything you need. Get rid of your old chair and get a large area rug to frame your space. This will encourage you to do floor exercises. Make it your own, and most importantly, make it your favorite.

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