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Pantry Delight + Closet Cures: Create a Custom Space

Custom Spaces: A place for everything and everything in its place. It's easier said than done if you don't live in a magazine, which no one does. Everyone loves the feeling of a tidy home but the challenge to use our storage spaces to their maximum potential and maintain them can be a tall order for many. It doesn’t help that closets, offices, garages, bedrooms, and pantries were built to serve everyone-- and not specifically your or your family’s needs. However, it is your space, and your space should meet your needs.

From the modest splurge to floor-to-ceiling storage, we have sourced options to make your space serve you best.

How to determine if you need a custom space?

  • You have outgrown your storage

  • Your space does not inspire you to live better

  • The current systems of organization are not functioning successfully

I want a custom space, but why do I need it?

  • We long for order in our space. Life can be a chaotic mess. Bringing order to your home helps to balance that. Your space’s problems are custom to you, so they require custom solutions.

  • It's an investment in your home that you'll see a return in livability, and it comes with a return on investment should you sell your home in the future.

  • All spaces have limits, but they need not feel so limited with the abundance of solutions available.

What is a custom space? Where might I need it?


You might initially think a closet is a low priority in your space, but over time, it rises, and we tend to outgrow them through the many seasons of life. Kids move out. Kids move in. Hobbies are born. A weight loss journey has begun. Memorabilia accrues like dust, and eventually, you dread opening a door that has become a library of your history. Better storage is a common concern for most in their space, and installing a better storage system will help improve your closet's primary function to store the items needed.

Loving Minimalism and open spaces?

A well-built closet can save the need to occupy floor space with bulky furniture. You can maximize your hanging space, add shelves, and give yourself drawers. Upgrading your closet storage can be a game-changer if it is within your budget.

Maximalist and proud?

Perhaps you’ve been told you have a shoe problem, but more accurately, you may have a closet problem. We want you to open your closet and feel excited to dress yourself for the day throughout the year in all four seasons, in every color you love.

Get The Look:


A home office rarely serves one purpose, so creating a way to serve it all might take some forethought. Maximize your floor plan by elevating your storage.

With better storage, you can have an office that inspires better focus and, when needed, can double as the guest room. Consider a Murphy bed and wall-mounted built-ins allowing for open and closed storage.


What if your garage wasn’t just a garage but a space that inspired you to make good of a weekend project? The lawn, the gardens, the sports, the car, the outdoor fun. Elevating your garage storage space keeps your interior space that much more clear.


Imagine opening your pantry to see a mini market that inspires a meal with friends. The ease of knowing what ingredients you have or need at a glance.

Other custom pantry benefits include: Keeping kitchen cabinets from getting too cluttered, preventing double buying, and decreasing food waste by elevating food visibility. It aids in your meal planning.

Get The Look:

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