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Tips for Move Day

Move day is finally here! Part four and the last of our moving series is all about the day of the move. We are sharing tips and considerations to help for a smooth move day for you and the team.

1. Plan for and Pack Essentials

Prepare a suitcase and/or box containing essential items you'll need on move day and the first night or two in your new home. This could include toiletries, a change of clothes, important documents, medications, chargers, and any other necessities (coffee pot, sheets, etc.). Keep the suitcases and boxes easily accessible, and consider bringing with you in your own vehicle.

2. Have A Plan In Place For Pets and Children

If you have pets or young children, make arrangements to keep them safe and secure on move day. Have a family member or sitter take the kids out to the movies or somewhere else for the day. If you have pets, put them away in a designated room away from the chaos or bring them to a friend or family member's home. This not only ensures their safety but also allows the movers to work efficiently without any unnecessary disruptions.

3. Turn Off Your Sprinklers

Make sure your sprinklers are off so your pathways, furniture, and movers don’t get soaked on move day.

4. Disconnect and Empty Fridges, Washers/Dryers, Ice Makers, & Electronics

Unless you have arranged this with the movers, it is your responsibility to disconnect all major appliances and electronics that will be moved. Be sure to take pictures beforehand so you know how everything fits back. Make plans to empty and transport the contents of your refrigerator/freezer, the movers can not move them with food inside. 

5. Be Present and Communicate with Movers On Move Day

You will need to be present or arrange for a designated point person to be present at your home or apartment on moving day to help answer any questions regarding the items to be moved. Take time for walkthrough with the movers to confirm items that stay with the house and point out items requiring special care. Ensure clear communication with the moving company. Confirm the date and time of the move. Make sure they have accurate directions to your current and new homes. If possible, exchange contact information with the movers so you can reach them if needed.

6. Declutter Pathways & Plan for Access

Before the movers arrive, make sure the pathways in and out of your home are clear. Pack anything that isn’t already packed in boxes to get them ready for transport.  If you're in a multi-complex building, reserve the elevator if necessary. Ensure that parking is available for the moving truck. This preparation helps streamline the moving process and minimizes the time it takes for the movers to load and unload your belongings.

7. Room Signage, Art and Furnishings

Before any items come off the truck, plan to walk through the new house with the moving team. Use signs to identify rooms and within the room use sticky notes to identify furniture placement. This will help provide a map for the movers on where to place boxes and furniture. Rug pads and rugs go down first. Consider staging art in a location out of the way until art can be hung. Be sure to identify and communicate with the movers any furniture that needs to be assembled first in the new house. 

8. Food and Basic Needs

Consider having water and gatorade, snacks and a meal delivered for the moving team. Keeping the team fueled and hydrated will help to make for a smoother day. Identify a bathroom for the team to use and make sure it’s fully stocked with paper towels, hand soap and toilet paper. 

9. Tips for Team

Show your appreciation to your moving team by having cash on hand to provide a tip at the end of the day. A general rule of thumb is $50 to $100 per person each day depending on the quality of service provided. 

10. Packing Material Staging and Disposal

Identify a good place for boxes and packing paper to be staged. Break down boxes and packing paper to prepare for disposal. Discuss removal options with your moving team or plan for a dumpster or haul away service.

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