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August To-Do List

It's already August! How are you feeling about where you're at this year so far? Let's get our goals in check and mark a few items off our to-do list.

Drop Zone

School is back in session, and life can get a little crazy. Designate a certain drop zone in your house for backpacks, school supplies, etc.

Garden Time

Get outside and get your hands dirty! It's a beautiful time to plant something in your garden.

Get Organized

Choose a messy closet, like the linen closet, and get to work organizing it!

Away with the Old

Have you been holding onto old towels? Are your bath mats ready to be replaced? Do away with the old and welcome space for new!

Purchase New

If your pantry is starting to have a mind of its own, it's time to purchase organizing solutions that will keep you from over-buying.

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