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October To-Do List

Happy October! How are you feeling now that fall is among us? Follow our to-do list to get in the holiday spirit.

Declutter Your Laundry Room

It’s time to give your laundry room some TLC. Declutter and toss what you no longer need!

Clean + Organize Your Refrigerator

‘Tis the season for new fall flavors. Go through your fridge and toss what’s expired! Start fresh and wipe down all surfaces.

Organize Your Closet

Swap summer clothes and sandals with sweaters and boots. Set aside time to organize!

Sort, Edit + Replenish Your Gifting Supplies

Gifting season is among us. Sort, edit, assess and replenish your gifting supplies before you need them.

Set Up Your Fall Decor

Throw some cookies in the oven, light a pumpkin candle and set up fall decor!

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