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Clutter Free Christmas

Updated: May 31, 2022

December is here! That means holiday celebrations, time with friends and family, and it goes without saying- maybe some clutter! There is no way around it, the holidays have a way of adding clutter to your home and your life. How many times have you felt overwhelmed with your home or with your schedule during the holidays? We are sharing organizing tips for this holiday season to help you manage your space and time and to keep your home in check. What about gifts? Do you want to make sure you aren’t cluttering up your friends’ homes too? Keep reading for a list of crowd-pleasing gifts that won’t add unnecessary clutter.

Introducing systems to put into place to ensure you’re starting the holiday season off on your most organized foot. As you’re setting up your holiday trimmings this year, keep these organizing tips in mind:

  1. Decor Declutter: once all of your holiday decor is put out, take a look in your attic or storage space at the items you didn’t use. This is an easy way to gauge what you no longer need. Donate your unused decor items and start the new year off with a cleaned up storage space!

  2. Toy Declutter: this is something the kiddos can get in on! To make room for new toys that are sure to come this holiday season, grab a clothes hamper and challenge your kids to fill it up with toys that they do not use/want or have outgrown. Consider donating these toys. It is MUCH easier to do this BEFORE the onslaught of new toys when spaces can be overwhelming with the amount of new items and kiddos are focused on new toys!

  3. Wrapping Solutions: if you struggle with wrapping supplies being cluttered or out of hand, consider replacing your wrapping with reusable gifting boxes. These are great sustainable replacement options for wrapping paper, tissue and ribbon. Also, consider organizing your wrapping supplies in a dedicated cart or a hanging solution in a closet. Both are portable and can be brought out when needed.

  4. Organize Your Christmas Shopping List: do you often end up over-buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones? Consider streamlining your Christmas shopping with help from one of our previous Christmas blogs on this very topic:

It feels great to give friends and loved ones thoughtful gifts throughout the holiday season, but do you ever feel like you’re just sending clutter to someone’s home? Here are some clutter-free gift suggestions that are sure to please, and the recipient will be extra thankful they don’t have to find space for it in their homes!

  1. Activities: purchasing activities means your gift won’t take up space in someone’s home, and this gift will create memories! Think tickets to concerts, movie passes, or gifting a date night.

  2. Gift Cards: this is great for people who are hard to shop for or you don’t know very well. It won’t be shoved in a closet and the recipient will be able to purchase exactly what they want.

  3. Donations: if you are shopping for someone who is passionate about a particular charity or cause, donations in their name is a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving.

  4. Subscriptions: subscriptions are a fun way to gift those who have specific interests. For example, a wine of the month subscription is a fantastic gift for a friend who loves wine, and subscription possibilities are endless these days- there is something for everyone!

  5. Services: consider gifting a service that can get your loved ones more organized. This could be something that digitizes old VHS tapes onto external storage devices. What a fantastic way to continue holding family memories close, but making them more organized and accessible!

  6. Consumables: items that can be consumed/used immediately are a great way to gift without adding clutter to someone’s home. Think baked goods, local food/goods, or even artisan candles or soaps.

Are these gift ideas getting your wheels turning? What about gifts for the SUPER organized people in your life? Well of course we have suggestions for our fellow-organization lovers!

  1. Label Maker: if you have an organization loving person on your list, trust us on this one. There is just something special about being able to label your things!

  2. Planner/Notebook: organized folks love to make lists, so things like planners and notebooks are a total crowd pleaser and will definitely get used.

  3. Rolling Cart: tiered rolling carts are an organized person’s dream. Their uses are endless. They can be used for everything from portable bar carts or art carts, to nursing stations, or coffee carts.

  4. Organizing bins: a set of clear kitchen canisters or baskets/bins are great gifts for the organization-obsessed. Add some baked goods or a gift card inside of them for an amazing gift basket idea!

  5. Time with an Organizer: sometimes people are super organized, but don’t have the time to devote to organization. Gift them time with an organizer! Is there a better gift to give than the gift of stress-free organization? Giftcards can be purchased from our website at if this seems like the perfect gift for someone on your list!

  6. Custom Labels: labels are the cherry on top of any organized space. If you have a friend or family member who loves to organize, a set of our pre-packaged labels or custom labels could take their space to the next level!

  7. Travel Organization: Travel organizers like packing cubes are great for the organized friend who loves to travel!

We hope these ideas help you put your best foot forward this holiday season and spread a little cheer while you are at it!

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