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May To-Do List

It's May! How are you feeling about where you're at this year so far? Let's get our goals in check and mark a few items off our to-do list.

Switch Up Your Home Decor

Bring new life into your home with fresh decor. Add some color to your space to give it more personality this Spring!

Create Zones in Your Kitchen

Does cooking in your kitchen stress you out? Give your kitchen a sense of order and purpose. Create zones that allow you to find everything easily.

Toss Any Paperwork You Don't Need

Paperwork has a way of building up at our drop-off spots. Time to go through it! Toss anything you no longer need to declutter.

Pick Up a New Book

It's a perfect time to pick up a new book and read outside. Make it a goal!

Go To a Farmer's Market

Farmer's Markets aren't hard to find. Look up your local market and spend the day out in the sun shopping for fresh produce. It's good for the soul!

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