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May To-Do List

It's May! How are you feeling about where you're at this year so far? Let's get our goals in check and mark a few items off our to-do list.

Organize Your Laundry Room

Empty and sort the contents of cabinets  - keep, toss, relocate or donate. Assess what’s working and what’s not to optimize day-to-day and any storage needs.

Optimize Your Sleep for Sweet Dreams

Assess your current bedding. Could it use a refresh? Wash your bed pillows and mattress cover or buy new to freshen them up. Add a summer-weight blanket and a silk pillowcase.

Create Your Own Floral Arrangement

Have fun with bold colors or go monochrome with one color scheme. White hydrangeas or tulips are beautiful options to consider.

Clean Out Your Garage

Beat the heat and take advantage of the nice weather. Take everything off of shelves and out of cabinets. Give them a good wipe-down. Create zones for each of your categories, keeping in mind what is used most often should be more front and center.

Stock Your Fridge With Fresh Produce

Visit a local farmers market. Get your favorites and pick up something new to try. We love using produce keepers to extend the life of vegetables.

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