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MOVE Along: Considering a move? We can help!

Updated: May 31, 2022

When the idea of a move comes to mind most people think of moving day: cardboard boxes, movers, and the logistics of getting into their new homes. Moving has many steps and components and how you approach them can have a huge impact on the success of your move! The move managers and professional organizers at Its Arranged are so passionate about it and have some tips to share to help you navigate your move. So let’s dive in to all the facets of a successful move and how Move Managers and Organizers can help ease your transition:

Moving Preparation

The things you do BEFORE moving day. We find that putting time and effort into the front end of a move makes for a much more efficient moving day and unpacking experience.

  1. Sort and Edit Belongings: Have you ever heard the phrase “You don’t know how much stuff you have until you pack it?”. Well, we can assure you this is 100% true. Don’t pay for movers to move items that are long forgotten and haven’t been touched since your previous move. Organizers can sort and categorize all of your belongings so you are able to quickly edit and purge the items you no longer need.

  2. Edit Furniture: Do you have furniture you know won’t be a good fit for your new home? We highly recommend identifying this furniture on the front end of your move, and consign or donate these pieces. Less furniture= a smaller moving truck= saved money!

  3. Home Staging: Do you need to sell your current home in the midst of your move? Having organizers stage your home for listing photos and showings can dramatically increase your home’s selling potential.

  4. Packing: Packing is arguably the most important part of moving. During this stage of your move all of your belongings are wrapped and placed in boxes. The detail-oriented nature of professional organizers lends itself perfectly to packing. Think detailed labels on your boxes, and special care given to fragile or precious items.

  5. Manage Repairs: Repairs and last minute vendors in your home add another layer to the move. Organizers manage and coordinate these items to take the stress off of your shoulders.

  6. Space Planning: It can be difficult to picture your furniture and decor in a new space when you are used to how it currently functions. Organizers can provide space planning for your new home to determine where your pieces should be placed in your new home to best fit you and your life.

Moving Day

Be prepared for a busy and long day(s)

  1. Plan: We recommend packing a bag for 2 to 3 days as if you are going on a trip. Find a safe place for your little ones and make arrangements for your furry family members too. Moving days can be long and hectic with doors left open and people constantly going in and out. Having a place to get away from the chaos is best.

  2. Prepare: Label all rooms so movers know where to place boxes. Have cold bottles of water, Gatorade and snacks on hand. Consider buying lunch or dinner for the moving team. Make sure you know the accepted payment methods and have payment for vendors available and cash for tips.

  3. Coordinate: Move Managers are able to coordinate all facets of your move so you are not overwhelmed with handling all the logistics of a move on your own. Hauling away boxes or trash, handyman services, electricians, painters, etc. may be needed before, during or after move day.

  4. Direct: Moving typically means lots of vendors, foot traffic, and questions.Directing on moving day is of utmost importance. Organizers will direct movers the entire day of your move to ensure that boxes are placed in their designated rooms, and furniture is correctly placed to your specifications.

Settling In

  1. Unpacking: There is no need to live in cardboard chaos for weeks after a move. An organizing team can quickly and efficiently unpack your boxes so you can start enjoying your new home immediately.

  2. Sort and Edit: Editing is not a one time only activity. When you settle into a new space you may begin to use your items differently. Organizers can help you quickly and efficiently do a second round of editing of your belongings so only your very favorite items remain in your home.

  3. Organizing: Organizers will work closely with you to identify the functions of how you will use a space and create zones within those spaces. They will put items into their appropriate zones, and place any necessary products so you are set up with organization systems to help you function efficiently in your home from Day 1.

  4. Design and Style: this is the cherry on top of a new move. Our design team can swoop in once our organizers have finished their work, and do everything from placing furniture and styling rooms to shopping for new decor.

As you can see- moves have many steps and components, and we know it can seem overwhelming at first thought. That is exactly what we are here for! Our organizers and move managers are passionate about making your move a positive experience, and ensuring you can begin enjoying your new home on Day 1. Do you have questions? Do you have an upcoming move? Reach out to our office today!

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