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Taming Garage Clutter - Do you have the spring fever?

Updated: May 31, 2022

Beautiful spring weather is here so that means it’s officially the season for outdoor living. This also means it’s time to prep your garage for all this outside fun and functionality! Read on for solutions to an organized garage space that makes your outdoor living all the more enjoyable.

Garages are typically multi-use spaces AND clutter magnets to boot. So how do you create a functional garage space that covers all your bases?

  1. Declutter annually. First, be sure set aside adequate time to go through EVERYTHING in your garage. We really mean everything! This is also a fantastic opportunity for you to give your garage a good sweep or cleaning. Follow our standard decluttering advice: divide items into “keep, toss, and donate” piles, be realistic about what you truly need, and give yourself grace. Decluttering can be hard! Once you complete your first big editing session, your subsequent annual sessions will be much easier.

  2. Categorize your items. Divide your items into categories and keep like items together in the same “home”. This sets you up for success as you will always know where to look for specific items if they aren’t spread out in multiple places throughout your space.

  3. Add solutions that are right for your space. Every space and every family’s needs are different. There are endless lists of solutions that are great for garages, but be sure you’re selecting ones that are the best fit for your space and needs. We share all of our favorites at the end of this article.

So you’ve set aside a weekend and completed a big declutter… now what? This is where categorizing comes in. It is the cherry on top of your newly edited belongings. Typical categories that are most common in garage spaces are:

-Yard and Lawncare


-Sports Equipment

-Outdoor Toys

-Cleaning Supplies

-Car Care




Although categories tend to be similar in most garage spaces, how families use them varies. Be sure to add or subtract categories based on your own needs. Once your categories are identified, think of the way you use each category and place it in your space accordingly. For example: if you only access holiday decor once a year it is safe to be stored in a less accessible area. However, things like sports equipment or bikes that get used frequently should be front and center and easy for you to access. This will all depend on your specific needs- make it work for you!

Now for the fun part (in our opinion)- solutions! As we mentioned before, only choose solutions that truly serve you and your space. Organization is never one size fits all, so take into consideration which of the following solutions will transform the functionality of your space.

  1. Overhead Storage: these systems can be installed in order to utilize ceiling space, and work great for storing less frequently accessed items like holiday decor or large luggage pieces.

  2. Track Systems: we are BIG fans of track systems. The base track has endless options for attachments, is easy to install, and is customizable. Our most common use for track systems is yard tool storage. Handy slot attachments free up floor space in your garage by allowing you to store things like rakes and shovels on the wall. We also frequently use the net storage for ball and toy storage, and even use them to add shelves for storage bins.

  3. Shelving: speaking of shelving, it can be a game changer for a garage. Shelves can hold everything from storage totes, toys and sports gear, or serve as the home for car and lawn care items. You can also make shelving work for a range of budgets. Affordable stainless steel options can be found online and you can add additional units as your budget allows, or you can go all out and have custom garage shelving installed.

  4. Pegboard: pegboards seem to be a crowd favorite for all of our handy clients. This is the most common solution for storing tools, but is also a favorite of ours for holiday decor. Think wreath storage, garland, lights, etc.

  5. Totes: a labeled tote is the ultimate garage organization necessity. Place specific categories in individual totes and label them clearly and specifically. We also recommend using a color system if you feel like taking to another level and earning some bonus points! For example: use totes with red lids or a red label to identify them as Christmas decor. Totes can either be stacked on their own, placed on shelving units, or on overhead storage shelves.

Have we passed along the organization bug to you? Are you ready to devote a weekend with a spouse or a friend to do some major decluttering and garage organizing? We would love to hear all about it! If these tips resonate with you, but you feel that you could use an extra hand- always know that our team of professional organizers are here to serve and support you. We are only a phone call away!

Happy Organizing!

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