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Where Form Meets Function

We can’t always have both, but a mindful effort towards balancing form and function will make our home life better lived. A fusion of form and function is the key to organizing and designing your home. It looks as great as it feels and supports the day-to-day.

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling forced to choose between the two. Does it look good, or does it serve a need? Do we like it? Do we need it? This is a frequent assessment we give the items in our home, and it can feel like a fork in the road when making a decision-- often resulting in no decision.

“I don’t really like this but we use it for this, for now.” - Function over form.

“I love this piece but it doesn’t really work here.” Form over function.

The necessary life stuff changes with us, and we are tasked to face it eventually. The well-loved furniture we've yet to replace. The artifacts of rearing children, from stuffies and sippy cups to preschool artwork. The mounting memorabilia boxes in souvenirs and photo albums.

In closets, garages, and attics, the list grows with our life story, and the stuff can get so overwhelming it becomes difficult to decipher what we like from what we need. How can we have form and function with all this stuff in the way?

Our customers are always looking for the best way to solve this problem. To hide it? To celebrate it? To contain it? To organize it? To get rid of it? This is where we meet you, ready with a road map to guide you through your home to create an arranged space where form and function meet beautifully.

When Form and Function Meet

A pantry’s function is to hold kitchen food and supplies. Without form, it can be a challenge to know what's for dinner, what needs to be purchased, what's about to expire, etc. When form and function in a pantry are balanced, it supports meal planning and grocery shopping, and helps eliminate food waste and double-buying.

An entryway’s function is a zone for coming and going. Without form, it can be a cluttered landing strip for packages, shoes, coats, hats, mail, keys, and bags-- making it a grievance to get to the car with everything you need and a stress to be greeted with mess every time you come home. When form and function balance, this space can have stylish storage solutions to keep things tidy and organized. A bench with baskets or a table with storage can make the moments of arrival and departure more pleasant and intentional.

Balancing form and function will look different in every space but ultimately feel the same in every space. The balance of the two accounts for where you are and who you are reflected in your home. Are you feeling balanced in your home?

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