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52 Weeks of Organization

Updated: May 31, 2022

Did your New Year’s resolution include getting your life more organized? Well this is the blog for you! We have just what you need to make this your most organized year yet, and the best thing is you can complete it all at your own pace! We have compiled a list of all the clutter-prone spaces in your home, and a list of how to rid them of that pesky clutter.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to organizing so consider this list a handy guideline. Take what resonates with you and your home and leave behind what doesn’t! The best way to set yourself up for success with organization is to devote time towards it. Find a day of the week that works for you, and choose your task. We’ve listed these tasks in a way that dedicates one task per week of 2022, but give yourself grace and listen to yourself throughout the process. If you are feeling extra motivated- tackle more than one task! If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a break and skip a week. This process is all about you, and we can’t wait to see the results as the year progresses.


1. Donate any holiday decor you did not use this holiday season.

2. Color coordinate holiday storage bins with colored bin lids, tape, or paper. Example: red for Christmas bins.

3. Edit party supplies: toss or donate paper party products, candles, etc. that you do not plan to use.

4. Take stock of your gift wrap supplies. Toss or donate any bags, ribbon, or gift wrap that you no longer want. Bonus points for organizing remaining items in a gift wrap cart!


5. Start the new year with a fresh inbox: delete unnecessary emails and unsubscribe from mailing lists that no longer serve you.

6. Clear clutter from your cell phone: delete unnecessary or unused apps.

7. Compile all of your username and password information for online accounts. This can be via an online vault, shared document, or even a notebook. Annual reviews of passwords will ensure your information is current, and can allow you to deactivate any unnecessary accounts.

8. Toss or donate miscellaneous Tech items from your home. Example: extra cords, broken cell phone chargers, boxes that technology items came in, old headphones, etc.


9. Sort your Wallet for a fresh start to the new year. Discard used gift cards, expired cards, and old receipts.

10. Clean out your Purse or Work Bag.

11. Empty your glove box and/or center console in your car. Get rid of old papers, coupons, etc.


12. Dish Towels - Take inventory of what you have. Toss worn, faded or stained towels.

13. Oven Mitts and Hot Pads- Toss worn or stained items that have seen better days.

14. Edit Coffee Mugs collection.

15. Edit Travel Cup collection.

16. Edit Water Bottle collection

17. Take inventory of the small appliances you have. If any of them no longer serve you- consider donating.

18. Take inventory of your collection of vases. Donate any you no longer want or need.

19. Cooking utensils- consider getting rid of old cooking utensils you no longer use. Take this time to consider donating any doubles as well. Do you really need two can openers?

20. Serving pieces. These are typically “out of sight, out of mind”. Take inventory of all of your serving pieces and donate any you no longer use, or no longer fit your style.


21. Edit canned goods. Toss any expired items and donate to a local food bank any canned goods you realistically will never use.

22. Edit boxed meals, pasta, rice, etc. Toss any expired items and donate to a local food bank any canned goods you realistically will never use.

23. Edit spices. Toss expired items.

24. Edit baking items. Toss anything expired, and consider donating items like cookie cutters or specialty tools that you will not use.

25. Edit sauces and condiments. Toss expired items and donate to a local food bank any jars you realistically will not use.

26. Edit your cookbook collection. Donate or consign any cookbooks that you no longer use or need.


27. Take this time to take inventory of any outdoor toys. Toss broken items and donate toys that are no longer used.

28. Donate sports items that have been outgrown or are no longer used.

29. Toss any broken/expired lawn care items. Donate items that you no longer use.

30. Take inventory of your tool collection. Consider donating items that you have doubles of or no longer use.

31. Toss or donate outdoor decor items and door mats that you no longer use or need.

32. Toss any expired bug spray and sunscreen items.

33. Take inventory of pool towels and pool toys/inflatables. Toss any damaged items, and donate those items no longer in use.


34. Toss old crayons, markers, glue, etc. from the craft area. Start fresh with new supplies.

35. Toss old or unused pens and pencils.

36. Set up a study/activity space for your kids. Tiered rolling carts are fantastic for this.

37. Donate old backpacks and lunch boxes.


38. Toss old perfume and body spray.

39. Toss expired cosmetics.

40. Toss expired bath/spa items.

41. Toss expired hair care items.

42. Take inventory of your hair and grooming tools. Donate those tools that you no longer use.

43. Take inventory of your hair accessories like hair ties, head bands, clips, etc. Consider donating new items that you realistically won’t use.

44. Take inventory of your towels. Discard old and worn towels. These can also be cut into smaller sizes and upcycled into cleaning cloths.


45. Donate at least 5 items from your closet that you no longer wear. Keep a basket in your closet to add clothes you no longer like and when it’s full donate those items.

46. Discard unmatched/worn socks.

47. Consider consigning or donating bags you no longer wear/are no longer your style.

48. Donate at least 2 pairs of shoes you realistically will never wear.


49. Donate coats you no longer wear, or are no longer your style.

50. Take inventory of your winter accessories and donate the items you have unnecessary multiples of/will never wear.


51. Take inventory of your luggage. Donate or toss worn/broken luggage, or luggage sets that you do not use.

52. Take inventory of your cleaning supplies. Toss expired cleaning products. Donate or toss cleaning accessories that you do not need.

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