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Bathroom Refresh

Compared to the rest of our home, bathrooms are conservative in space, yet somehow manage to hold everything we need to look and feel good. This small space can be a sanctuary with the right elements. With a locked door, we enjoy our privacy. Could you be enjoying it more though? Yes! Help your space with a little reset. It will go a long way next time you say, "You can use my bathroom."

After you've audited your bathroom inventory and have a clear vision of what stays, give a home to all your products where they can be clearly seen and accessed with ease.


  • Consider adding a tray to your vanity where the items you use every day live.

  • Bring in your color story accents through a machine washable runner, bath mats, hand towels, soap dispensers, and plants.

  • Add wall art if you can spare the wall space needed for additional shelving. A minimal cozy approach is suggested for styling bathrooms for easier maintenance.

When preparing for guests, the ability to quickly see everything one might need upon entry is key. Furthermore, organizing drawers, cabinets, and linen closets for backstock and necessities goes a long way for both you and your guests.

Reset. Refresh. Relax. It's being arranged.

Get The Look:

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