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Living Room Refresh

Your living room should have a positive gravitational pull on you and your guests. It's not just for binge-watching-- although, we get it. It's a space for connecting in comfort. Where memories are made in style with the curtains open or closed.

Sometimes it can feel like a game of Tetris or Chess, moving furniture around as needed for the occasion: A holiday, game day, or game night. Depending on how you need to use this space, there are ways to furnish it best to serve you. What's most important to a feel-good living room?

The Layout - Make sure in your floor plan, you have considered traffic from every seating option. If possible, every piece needs about 1.5 ft of distance to navigate for getting a refill, more snacks, bathroom breaks, etc.

Focal Points - Clear, concise focal points in this room should be things like the TV and wall art. Go larger in scale and select items that pair well together in a room.

Dynamic Pieces - Benches, ottomans, side tables, oh my! Items that are easily arranged as needed, depending on the occasion and number of guests.

Storage - We're talking multi-level coffee tables, bookshelves, console tables, and baskets. Now that large entertainment centers are unnecessary with wall mounts, get intentional about what lives here.

Lighting Variations - This room sometimes needs to be bright, and other times needs to be ambient. Design for both moods!

The Couch and A Large Area Rug - Nail these two crucial items, and the rest comes together. The area rug frames the space and makes being in the room feel more intentional. Ideally, every piece of furniture lives on it or the front legs of each. The couch is likely where most will sit, so it's important to make the view one of the most comfortable from this vantage point.

Avoid Bulky Furniture (when possible) - Your couch is the VIP seat, and usually has to accommodate the necessary amount of people who live there. In selecting other seating, choose smaller accent chairs that conserve floor space without sacrificing comfort. Dynamic side tables easily move around as needed also add to the space, such as C Tables.

Get Creative on Maximizing Occupancy - This may look like a light bench from the entryway, small ottomans, or maybe even an upholstered coffee table. Having items throughout your home that will blend well when hosting more than your family. Style the sofa with large pillows for floor seating. It's a casual space you want to elicit relaxation.

Reset. Refresh. Relax. Is your living room calling?

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