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Light or Moody: What's Your 2023 Design Aesthetic?

Minimalism, Light and Airy, Luxe

A monochromatic color story and a minimal design aesthetic are classic trends we've seen again and again. The great thing about this look is that it has longevity in style. Neutral colors, creams, and soft natural tones look luxurious and feel calming. If you grow bored of it, it's easy to incorporate color when you have a solid neutral foundation in place.

Tips and Guides: Remember wallpaper and paint need not be forever. Window treatment, throw pillows, rugs, and blankets have a shelf life. Stay wise about your renovations and larger furnishings.

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Moody Aesthetics - Darker Tones, Rich texture, Cinematic, Drama

Spaces darker in tone have been trending as of late. An Immersive moody aesthetic gives drama and personality to a room. Perhaps you’ve been watching this trend but feel stuck in one lane to keep things cohesive. It's best seen in common areas, often open concept, to keep the vibe cohesive in style and tone. If you have a color story in the living room, and a view of the kitchen from the couch, those styles ideally need to blend.

However, you can define more private spaces in a different style if the moody aesthetic doesn’t blend with your current home. A bonus room, a bedroom, a bathroom, or an office all serve as great opportunities to veer away from the predominant lane of your home and execute an experiential style.

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