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Bedrooms - Calm + Light

Your bedroom is more than just a room with a bed. It's the space where your day begins and ends. It should offer peace and pleasure. It doesn't have to be a dream to rest beautifully. Get specific on what you want, what you need, and where you want to invest in your sleep hygiene.

Sometimes, we neglect rooms meant only for our eyes. How we sleep, though, is vital to our quality of sleep and begs more thought beyond the mattress. When we put thought into our bedroom experience, we raise the room's quality of service to our needs.

A sense of calm can be felt with the lights on and out of the bed too! Creating a calm bedroom requires you to consider your routines and figure out the essentials you need to get up and get in with ease. From a bedside table to a bench at the foot of your bed and the accent chair by the window for tomorrow’s coffee, make it a space that inspires you. Whatever your rituals for going to sleep and waking up may be, design your space to serve them. Find your comfort in form and function, and reset your bedroom.

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