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The Truth About Organizing

Updated: May 31, 2022

The Truth About Organizing

What makes you unique?

From our 15 years of experience, we’ve learned there are LOTS of misconceptions about organizing.

  • “My space is too far gone for organizing”

  • “You have to spend a ton of money on products to be organized”

  • “I’m an organized person, so I should be able to do this on my own”

  • “I need to straighten up before I can have an organizer in my home”

We are here to tell you that those misconceptions are all false! Every person and household has their own set of needs, a level of organizing that works best for them, a desired level of involvement in the process and a unique personality that needs a specific approach. Did you know that even YOU have an organizing personality? We love working with all organizing personality types in any stage of life and whatever your situation. We’ve likely seen it before and don’t scare easily. It’s best for us to see your space in its true element so we can provide solutions that work best for you. There’s never any judgement and our goal is to always meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be. Your organizing goals become our goals as we bring your vision to life- working together or taking care of it for you. Read more to learn about all of the different personalities, preferences and options for getting organized!

The “You Handle It”

The you handle it is a busy bee that prefers to be hands off during an organizing project, and usually doesn’t have a preference for the systems we put in place. This type of person can benefit from a professional organizer creating an organized space while they tend to their already busy life, and putting systems in place they never have time to consider that completely transform their space.

The “Organizing Buddy”

The organizing buddy is someone who prefers to be hands on, is fairly organized on their own, but can’t necessarily take on a whole project by themself. They can benefit from a professional organizer taking the load off of their shoulders. We work side-by-side and guide them with our expertise, and lend a helpful hand and fresh ideas while editing and helping choose and implement systems.

The “Check-In and Check-Out” Decision Maker

The check-In and check-out decision maker is a mixture of the previous two types. They want their voice heard during important decisions, but still may not have the time to devote to organizing. For these clients we “check-in” periodically throughout the project to get input on key decisions, and then they are free to “check-out” and be stress free during the rest of the project. This allows these clients the benefit of an organized space that meets their specifications, without the time commitment of being hands-on.

The “Product Lover”

The product lover purchases products to achieve a specific aesthetic for their project. This is always a treat- what is more fun than a trip to The Container Store to shop for new organizing goodies? Products can be a huge organization benefit when used correctly. Products contain organized items we put in place, and make it easy for you to maintain your space so it remains organized long after we leave.

The “Use What I Have”

Believe it or not, we complete a large amount of our organizing projects with no product purchases whatsoever! The use what I have clients typically have some product on hand and are impartial to having everything match. We love being resourceful and creating beautifully organized spaces with items these clients already have on hand. The benefit of no product is you are able to drastically reduce your budget- product is beautiful, but it can get pricey quick!

The “Minimalist”

Every home and individual is unique, and that includes the amount of items they own. A minimalist appreciates not having excess and is about only using the things you really need. Fewer items does not necessarily mean more organization. Even minimalists can benefit from working with an organizer. We work closely with our more minimal clients to ensure their items are able to be accessed in the most efficient manner possible and styled beautifully.

The “Maximalist”

The maximalist may say things like “I have too much stuff” and have no problems with items being on display. These clients let color, shapes, tone and texture to do the talking. It doesn't have to be loud or overbearing, but maximalism does grab your attention. This type of client can benefit from a professional organizer by taking the overwhelming stress off of their shoulders- we do the hard work for them. We sort and categorize items to help them get a sense of what they truly have, and then help during the editing process to achieve an amount of items that is no longer overwhelming. Once the editing process is complete we are then able to put systems in place that allow these clients to enjoy their homes instead of feeling like the walls of clutter are closing in on them.

The “Organizer”

The organizer has likely always been organized and can share stories from their childhood when organizing began. Even if you’re extremely organized, sometimes life just gets in the way. We work with many clients who are extremely organized on their own, but simply don’t have the time to maintain their level of desired organization. Sometimes a life event occurs which suddenly causes this client to become disorganized, causing them to feel overwhelmed while having an urgent desire and need to regain organization. This client usually has a detailed idea of what they want. They live structured lives, have high expectations, and crave order. This type of client can benefit from a professional organizer by regaining control over the situation and making their visions come to life. We even routinely return to these clients’ homes to maintain the space. This way organization remains a high priority without the commitment of having to do it themselves.

See? Organizing is not one-size-fits-all. We are all unique in our needs, homes and lifestyles, but that just means our organizers get to be creative to make sure they give each client exactly what they need. Are you still unsure about what type of organization level you are? You’re in luck, we just launched our very own Its ARRANGED personality quiz! Follow the link to take the quiz and find out more!

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