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Introducing: ARRANGED Spaces

Updated: May 31, 2022

The new year has passed, but that doesn’t mean the Its Arranged team has any shortage of new and exciting surprises for you! We are officially live with our new service offering:


We reimagine and rearrange your space with a fresh perspective. We focus on function and flow, highlighting key features of your home and decor while striving to bring calm and order. We bring new ideas to compliment what you already have. Our ARRANGED spaces offering is an ideal service for those desiring a new style or functional space but need help with the vision and plan without the expense of a complete overhaul. Have you lost that loving feeling for your space? Are you ready for a room or home makeover? Are you preparing to list your home for sale? Read on to learn more.

ARRANGED Spaces compliments our Professional Organizing and Move Management service offerings and includes the following services:

>Home reARRANGE: The perfect service offering if you’ve lost the love of your spaces. Our team of designers will reARRANGE furniture and decor focusing on function, flow, order and tranquility.

>Photo Ready for Home Listings: Our move management service is our most coveted

service offering by our clients. Let us take even more stress out of the moving process

by decluttering and styling your home, making it photo-ready for listing your home.

>Space Planning and Design Ideas: Our on-staff designers can make the most of your

spaces with space planning that fits your needs and design ideas that fit your style.

>Curated Selections: Transform your spaces in a cost-effective manner when

our on-staff designers shop for soft goods and furnishings, art and decor to compliment furniture and items you already own.

>Seasonal Home Styling: The holidays are BUSY, and we know our clients have a lot on their plates. Enjoy the holiday season stress-free with our seasonal home styling

service. Our team will decorate your home for the holidays and return for take down to

organize and pack up all of your seasonal items for storage.

ARRANGED spaces breathes new life into your space and gives you the gift of a styled home so that you love your home again or you prepare your home for someone new to love. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started, and learn how our team can reimagine and transform your home with ARRANGED Spaces.

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