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July To-Do List

It's July! How are you feeling about where you're at this year so far? Let's get our goals in check and mark a few items off our to-do list.

Plan a Staycation With a Friend

Spend a day like a tourist in your own town. Plan a staycation with a friend and enjoy a hotel nearby!

Go Back-to-School Shopping

Get ahead of the chaos and go shopping for school supplies and college dorm essentials. Click here for a college checklist!

Organize Your Junk Drawer

We've all got one. Spend an hour going through your junk drawer and tossing unnecessary items.

Visit a New Restaurant

Is there a hot new restaurant in town you've been wanting to try? Make a reservation!

Rearrange a Space in Your House

Time to freshen things up! Rearrange the furniture in a room to switch up your space.

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