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Statement Walls

If your walls could talk, what would they say? With Zoom calls and Instagram vignettes, backdrops matter more than ever.

The last 2 years have redesigned our lives, and naturally redesigned how we use them. An ongoing trend is intentionally creating design moments in our home for social media, work calls, and better experiences when we gather. This is the driving force behind statement walls. Whether it's an office, an entryway, or a dining space, backdrops have never mattered more.

Tips and Guides to Statement Walls:

  • Symmetry is your friend.

  • Incorporate live greenery in some iteration.

  • Consider your lighting. If there is little natural lighting, add more.

  • Find large artwork that is non-distracting and easy to take in.

  • For shelf styling, group items in threes, use varying levels, and again, less is more.

  • Have foresight in furnishings that curb the necessary clutter of life and address your storage needs (i.e, where will you hide the printer?).

Get The Look:

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