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Transition From Spring to Summer

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

As we transition from spring to summer it’s a perfect time to organize. This month Its Arranged takes a deep dive into two organization projects you can focus your energies on to help set your family up for summer success!

More time at home means your mudroom (coat closet, foyer, drop zone area) may not be as high of a traffic area as it once was. This makes it the perfect time to organize! Here’s what we suggest:

  1. Remove everything- oh yes, we mean EVERYTHING- and wipe down your built-ins or cubby units!

  2. Put away heavy coats and boots that are no longer necessary for the warmer weather, and donate ones that no longer fit.

  3. Empty backpacks and tote bags, and remove papers and items no longer needed.

  4. While these backpacks and bags are emptied - throw them in the wash for a good clean!

  5. Sort through the items from shelves, cubbies, cabinets, baskets and bins, relocate items to their proper home, and donate items that are no longer necessary.

  6. Think about summer activities and items needed to support those activities. Locate those items to include in this space.

  7. Assess what items remain to be put away. Add baskets or bins to group or corral like items.

  8. Replace everything into its designated shelf, hook, or basket; and admire your beautifully organized mudroom space!

Garage and outdoor projects are easy to put off until summertime, but we love to get these projects handled in the cooler spring temperatures, and fill our summers with relaxation!

  1. Don’t let this large space overwhelm you- take it one section or category at a time. For example: tool bench, children’s toys, yard items, storage bins, etc.

  2. Go through each area, dispose of trash and donate items no longer needed. You may even be able to consolidate and free up some bins!

  3. Garages are notoriously multi-use spaces. Designate zones for each of the spaces while keeping in mind who accesses the items - Keep children’s bikes, games, sidewalk chalk, etc. in reach and chemicals up high out of reach.

  4. Floor space crowded? We love freeing up floor space with the use of track systems and hooks for everything from yard tools and ladders to bikes! Creating a designated home makes all the difference and prevents future disorganization!

  5. Are tools and gadgets taking over your garage? Slat boards or peg boards are another favorite solution of our team! These are a relatively inexpensive solution, and the arrangement options for tools is practically limitless!

  6. Still short on space? Then create some! Overhead storage systems are a lifesaver when you’re short on storage space. These systems can be installed in the overhead space of your garage and add tons of storage options!

Need more help? Take the guesswork out of your projects altogether, and schedule a consultation with Its Arranged today! We are here to help. Give us a shout at For project inspiration follow Its Arranged on Instagram or Facebook @itsarranged.

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